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Crazy Paving Tumbled Thasos

Crazy Paving Tumbled Sky

3D Split Thasos

3D Line Thasos

Mosaic Tumbled Thasos 2,3×2,3cm

Mosaic Tumbled Thasos 2,85x5cm

Mosaic Tumbled Volakas 2,85x5cm

Mosaic Thasos 5x10cm

Mosaic Artion 5x10cm

Mosaic Volakas 5x10cm

Mosaic Line Artion

Mosaic Line Sky

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What people are saying!

The showroom is unreal, but the character of the owner is even better… their work looked excellent, and if it is anywhere near as friendly as the staff, this is the only place to go for your next kitchen or bath!


New York

Eurostyle Designs is a state of the art showroom for those who want to design without boundaries. Great staff, experienced and knowledgable!


Los Angeles

Everyone must visit Eurostyle Designs. The atmosphere is love. The designs by Andres are breathtaking. Your home will love it’s makeover and so will you.



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