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In an urban, suffocating environment, there is an increasing number of people seeking refuge at a place where they can experience nature with all their senses. Such an opportunity and inspiration was given to the public which attended a well-known garden exhibition. ‘AKROLITHOS’ participated in this exhibition, which took place in Germany and focused on urban gardening, in the category “POS GREEN SOLUTION ISLAND” on “Wellness in Nature” and “Kids garden”. Upon the organizers’ invitation, the company contributed some of its products so that architect Oliver Mathys could best display them in an artificial garden. The materials provided were “Antique Kavala Steps”, “Akron Pebble” in 1-3cm and 3-6cm dimensions as well as “Multi Steps”. The exhibition’s architect Oliver Mathys talked to us about the products, as well as about his inspiration to create a Northern European-style landscape. In the interview we had with him, he commented: “The steps made walking easy and functional because they are compact and offer very good grip, due to their structure and treatment. This was very important during the exhibition, as thousands of people walked on them. ” The identity of “Wellness in nature” is based on creating a garden feel without actually having a garden. Architect Oliver Mathys succeeded in creating this sensation by creating a playful mood and combining the Antique Kavala Steps with the Akron pebbles. These products offered “a pleasant color contrast”, as the architect’s goal was to loosen up his space. Finally, referring to the general picture he gained from “POS island” and his cooperation with our company, Oliver Mathys stated that “It is important to create an overall convincing impression. It’s like a puzzle: if some pieces are missing, then the picture is incomplete. Your products have made the picture whole again. “



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